Zacuto VCT Arri M6 Rosette


  • Artnr: ZAC21-5098

Beskrivning av artikel

Zacuto VCT Arri M6 Rosette
Zacuto Prod#: Z-VCTRA

The VCT Arri M6 Rosette is an adapter that screws into the front of the VCT Universal Baseplate on either side. It gives you a single Arri M6 rosette to attach accessories such as the Sony FS7 Handgrip. This adapter will hang below the level of the VCT Universal Baseplate, so it is best used in conjunction with a VCT Tripod Plate. This will allow enough room between the baseplate and your tripod head to accommodate the VCT Arri M6 Rosette. 

This product is made to work specifically with the VCT Universal Baseplate and is not compatible with other baseplates.